Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trade Update

Closed trade
10 LVS Jun 46/49 2x3 ratio call spreads expired worthless - $1030
 I had thought about  closing out the spread or reducing the debit early last week as LVS action left much to be desired, but still felt that a pop over 46 could gain steam and turn it profitable right up to expo. Color that analysis "wrong"

Long 8 PCLN 530/550/570 calls       1.29
Midpoint value  (bid - ask)                   .27      -1.02
Long 6 AAPL 600/620/640 calls       1.73
Midpoint value (bid - ask)                  3.10     +1.31

PCLN has reversed upward and entered a Kirby yesterday above 660. I had intended on adding a long position but the move throgh 660 was to quick for me to grab anything. But the other 1/2 of the paired trade, AAPL is working well. Close to a double as AAPL entered it's own Kirby at 578,
I will look to sell 1/2 of the AAPL fly's at 3.46 giving me a free ride on the 2nd 1/2 of the position.

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